Donaldson and Lakeland Score a Daily Double

This summer, after three days of training, 38 Donaldson Company production managers from seven different countries tested their knowledge and had a little fun playing a real-life Jeopardy game, engineered by Lakeland.

Donaldson regularly uses this system as a capstone event after all types of training sessions. During the game, each team is set up with a wireless remote used to respond to each question presented. Just like the real thing, a message board displays which team is fastest to respond, and that team then has 10 seconds to give their answer. The Jeopardy host is equipped with an HMI dashboard that displays the question and the correct answer.

Lakeland produced a wired “Donaldson Jeopardy” system ten years ago, but considering advancements in technology and safety concerns caused by the system’s cords, Lakeland developed an upgraded wireless solution. Lakeland engineered the new wireless game system with PLC and HMI technologies.

Lakeland employees Kevin Stull and Paul Hanson championed this effort as part of the long-standing partnership Lakeland has with Donaldson.