CHS Gains Insight, Preserves Profit, with Extron

For the past two years, CHS has had a new ally in realizing the greatest profit from its harvest: Extron's Ground Pile Monitoring. "I challenged Lakeland to design a product to help CHS manage commodities stored in ground piles," said CHS's Jim Gales. "They responded quickly to design, manufacture and install systems at several CHS locations. The system monitors and records temperatures throughout a ground pile and transmits the data wirelessly to the internet for easy access.  The project was a success and I’m looking forward to working with Lakeland in the future."

Senior Account Manager Todd Spinner worked closely with Jim's team to perfect the system. "Working with our customer to understand their monitoring needs, then exploring the possibilities with our engineering team, and finally, seeing our solution in action has been very rewarding," said Spinner. "Every challenge was met with patience (on our customers' part!) and perseverance from our engineering team, and now we have a true solution that helps our customer maximize their profit."