Lakeland Launches Innovation Center

As the centerpiece of our commitment to innovation, Lakeland has launched "Lakeland Labs." This incubator for innovation across the Lakeland Companies will serve as a forum for Lakeland engineers, our technology users, and the public to contemplate the challenges, share best practices and introduce new solutions for our ever-changing industry. "We spend a lot of time thinking 'outside of the box' here at Lakeland," said Mark Spindler, Lakeland's Chief Technology Officer and leader of the Lakeland Labs initiative. "This is our opportunity to share that type of innovative thinking outside of our office walls. We encourage scientists, engineers, and the curious public from all over the world to join in the conversation." 

In 2013, our top engineering minds will touch on a wide array of relevant topics, including leveraging the cloud for automation, process visualization, wireless sensor technology, energy management and safety challenges, applying Apple products and software to controls, and others. Additionally, CTO Mark Spindler will be blogging live from a handful of industry-leading conferences such as the ARC World Forum, GEAPS and ASTA. Please check the Lakeland Labs blog site regularly for the latest from our team.