Extron Receives UL Certification for BusMux Pro HD, RTD

Temperature Multiplexer Certified Intrinsically Safe for Use in Hazardous Environments

Extron today announced that its temperature multiplexers, called the BusMux Pro HD and BusMux Pro RTD, were certified UL for intrinsically safe use in hazardous environments. BusMux is applied to control applications to monitor thousands of temperatures in seconds and is now certified for use in areas where dust, gasses and wood debris are present. The UL rating exemplifies Extron’s commitment to providing professional-grade solutions for the grain industry.

The BusMux underwent months of testing to earn the UL mark for its circuit design, which eliminates the risk of sparks in downstream wiring. In addition to the BusMux’s previously attained ETL rating, the UL certification provides commodity and process plant managers with peace of mind in knowing that the BusMux is working to help minimize the potential risk of fire and explosive hazards.

“Extron’s customers that use the BusMux understand that intrinsic safety is a key factor in plant operation and control processes,” said Dustin Paloranta, VP of Extron. “BusMux combines safety with speed and integrity, thanks to health scan checks and the Busmux’s ability to easily retrofit with existing thermocouple-based systems.”

Extron, a Lakeland Company, designs breakthrough solutions for the industrial grain market. Through cornerstone products like the BusMux Pro HD, RTD, Ground Pile Monitoring System (GPM), Bulk Scale and Flow Controllers, Extron is a leader in grain-industry automation solutions.