Reinke Names Lakeland Top Vendor

This October, Lakeland's Omaha office received a top honor from one of its most valued customers. Reinke Manufacturing Company, a leading manufacturer of mechanized irrigation systems, recognized Lakeland with its “Reinke Achieving Vendor Excellence” (RAVE) award for efforts over the 2011-2012 marketing year. 

RAVE award recognition sets Lakeland apart as one of Reinke's most successful vendors across North America, based on a strict set of vendor excellence criteria including on-time delivery, quality, accuracy of paperwork and overall relationship. “We want to thank our vendors for their commitment to Reinke over the past year, and we are pleased to be able to recognize and award their ongoing efforts,” said Tim Goldhammer, vice president of marketing, Reinke. “Superior vendor performance is critical in our industry, and these recipients have and continue to show their dedication to excellence.” 

Nick Becker received the award on Lakeland's behalf at Reinke's annual convention in Hershey, Pa.