Welcome to Lakeland Labs

Welcome to Lakeland Labs. We are excited to introduce our new blog site. At Lakeland, we are proud to be a leading innovator that brings impactful solutions to industry through the collaborative efforts of our highly talented engineers. Expect to find a variety of interesting topics related to the controls and automation industry. You will see insightful posts on: 

Innovative solutions blending existing technology with new inventions 

Industry trends in areas such as PLCs, HMI, SCADA, MES, Ethernet, wireless, asset management, cloud computing, historians, and data collection

Standards and best practices like S95, S88, S99, S100, PACML, B2MML, IEC61131, or OPC

Lessons learned or technology tips from our engineering and technical staff

Emerging markets such as energy management, workflow, or remote asset monitoring

News and observations from trade shows and conferences including ISA, ARC, GEAPS, IAOM, NGFS, ASTA, Automation Fair, and Pack Expo

Perhaps we’ll even have a little fun with some mind-stretching visionary topics such as applying cloud computing to enable real-time Enterprise Control Systems.  

You will also be able to leave posts to be responded to by some of the top engineers and technology thought leaders in the controls and automation industry.

At the Lakeland Companies, we are committed to leading the charge to provide our customers and the industry with innovative control and automation solutions that enable them to safely achieve their operational goals. We invite you to join us in our journey to improve the world in which we live through the advancement and adoption of technology. Until next time, be safe!