Fluke's CNX 3000 Wireless Multimeter Brings Test Tools to a Whole New Level

By: Doug Mangan

Industrial environments often times have general upkeep and data logging practices that rely on the taking of temperature, amperage, voltage readings, and more. In the past, there was a risk associated with using the meters because it exposed engineers and technicians to high energy electrical circuits, thus greatly increasing their exposure for injury. Today however, we have new technology from Fluke that has revolutionized the way that we take readings.

They have two new products: the Fluke 233 and the Fluke CNX that allow for remote measurements A picture of the Fluke 233, which pulls apart into 2 separate piecesusing wireless technology. The Fluke 233 meter has two components; the measurement section and the display section. When the two sections are snapped together, it functions as a standard multi-meter. However, separating the input section and the display section allows the engineer or technician to connect the input section to the circuit under test while moving to a safe area with the display section as it continues to indicate wirelessly. This greatly minimizes the exposure by technical personnel to high energy potentials, often eliminating the need for arc flash safety equipment and PPE.

The most recent innovations incorporate this same technology but do it in an even more powerful way. Similar to the Fluke 233, the Fluke CNX -- which in August won the Gold EC&M 2013 Product of the Year Award -- allows for the same wireless advantages but can receive up to 10 remote input sections and displays the readings on a common, hand-held receiver. The result is a much more efficient means of collecting data that is ideal when troubleshooting or commissioning industrial automation and power systems. What is your experience with DMMs? How has this tool improved your productivity? We’d love to get the conversation going in the comments section below. And by the way, if you’re looking to try out one of these tools for the first time, our Process Measurement Company offers rental options anywhere from two days all the way up to month-long rentals on a full assortment of test equipment.