Dave Fox

Dave Fox

Chief Executive Officer

Dave Fox is CEO of The Lakeland Companies, a complete provider of high-quality electrical component and system solutions for growing industrial companies throughout the Midwest. 

Since being named CEO, Dave has led major initiatives for the Lakeland Companies around cross-company collaboration, safety, and talent development. His formation of an Executive Leadership Team has helped both strengthen the Lakeland corporate culture and deliver a stronger overall value proposition for customers. 

Dave has also led the effort to bring workplace safety throughout The Lakeland Companies to world-class standards and to ensure that safety commitment is clear both to vendors and customers. This effort has helped Lakeland establish stronger relationships with its customers as true business partners. In addition, Dave has led the development of a management training program to continuously bring in fresh talent and nurture future leaders for the company. 

Taken together, these initiatives are part of a broader emphasis Dave has placed on making Lakeland a great place to work, and, in turn, a better partner for its customers. “At the end of their careers,” he says, “we want our employees to be able to look back and say they had a great career at a great company that did a lot of great things that benefited the world.”

A 40-year veteran of Lakeland, Dave joined the company as an inside sales representative for Lakeland’s Extron business unit. He subsequently moved to a sales role, extending the company’s switch heater products business to railroads, ultimately leading to the creation of Railway Equipment Co. Dave also oversaw Railway Equipment’s entry into gas hot air blower snow melter systems and the EZ Gate crossing arm business. The company further expanded its railroad offerings in 2000 with the acquisition of Cragg Railchargers. Today, Railway Equipment Co. is the market leader in crossing arms and many of Railway Equipment’s technology innovations have been incorporated into other new products across Lakeland. 

Dave grew up in Minneapolis and attended the University of North Dakota. He now resides in Wayzata, Minn.