Since 1972, Extron has manufactured industrial DC motor controls and associated electronics for industrial and agricultrual customers. Extron's goal has been to design cost effective industrial controls without sacrificing reliability or quality. Extron currently manufactures industrial controls in the following areas:  

  • Dedicated Logic Controllers, microprocessor based, custom designed to meet customers' exact control requirements. 
  • DC Drives from fractional to 7.5 HP, single phase, regenerative and non-regenerative, chassis and enclosed. 
  • DKG300 Differential Pressure Gauges/Controllers, specializing in low pressure digital pressure gauge or meter applications. 
  • Isolation Cards used to isolate and condition analog signals. Voltage and Current  
  • Annunciators, First Out Indicators 
  • BusMux Pro Thermocouple Multiplexers

Extron also specializes in providing advanced solutions for the agricultural sector. We help safeguard grain storage facilities by remotely monitoring and protecting them from temperature fluctuations and other hazards that can cause grain spoilage and equipment malfunction. Extron’s Hazard Monitoring, Ground Pile Management and Wireless Grain Management systems can detect issues before they become a problem.

Learn more by visiting the Extron Grain Website.